The interactive website ( shows the facts and figures about urbanization in Europe and proofs the vision of a Europe of regions that was published by Robert Menasse.
European politics and decisions are made by the european council and are based on so called national (economical) interests. They are rather contradicting each other than based on a common sense of solidarity in Europe. But Europe is more than money and trade! Current statistics on population development suggest that megacities will emerge from urbanization. On the one hand there are centralist states such as Poland, France or Spain that have certain urban agglomerations like Warsaw, Paris or Madrid. On the other hand there are smaller areas of federal and polycentric structure with metropolises that operate well with regard to society and economy. From a historical point of view these diverse areas are the real identity of Europe.
An optimistic Vision:
The United Regions of Europe would replace national states within a European community of rights and values with a fully-fledged European constitution. They would emerge a better spread of population growth and wealth instead of their concentration in only a few megacities. This would not least encourage a stronger identification with a new Europe.                     
A Grid of blue lines and the Euro banknotes with their symbolism of European agreement form the graphical kit of design elements. The banknotes are filled with life and given a value beyond the worth of money
Exhibition and Installation:
The project was shown at several exhibitions and featured in magazines like Arch+ and Form Magazine. Milestones where the exhibitions in Quito, Ecuador, (October 15th  – 20th of October 2016) in the German Pavilion of the UN-HABITAT III Conference, at in Berlin and the Future Convention Frankfurt a. M. These public appearances lead to talks with the politicians Katja Kipping and Hella Dunger-Löper.
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