‘Pilgrims to America – and the Limits of Freedom’ examines the limits of freedom. The exhibition, designed by NorthernLight, is an account of the extraordinary journey of the Pilgrims early in the 17th century. They started out from England and spent 11 years in voluntary exile in Leiden, before setting sail for America to establish Plymouth Colony.
2020 will commemorate the departure of a group of migrants on the Mayflower 400 years ago, travelling from Europe to America to establish Plymouth Colony. Upon arriving in what they regarded as the New World, the Pilgrims behaved as if the land were uninhabited and they could assert their rights there, despite the presence of indigenous tribes.
The story is told in 4 chapters divided over 4 rooms, representing the steps of the journey of the Pilgrims. An impressive graphic wall paper of the sky reflects the emotional state of the Pilgrims in that particular part of the journey. Paintings, maps, prints, drawings, weapons, books, goods and everyday objects are used to illustrate the impact of the choices they made during their journey. The objects are meticulously integrated in the graphic design. A historic model of the Mayflower, including original objects from the journey 400 years ago, are the highlights of the exhibition.
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