An exhibition with a heavenly setting
The Nebra Sky Disc is coming to the Netherlands. From 6 August to 18 September 2022, the Drents Museum will present the first realistic representation of astronomical phenomena known from anywhere in the world. The exhibition ‘The Nebra Sky Disc – The Discovery of Heaven’ is designed by NorthernLight with a unique theatrical approach. Visitors are being immersed in and audio-visual trip from the Netherlands to Nebra, where the disc was found. Being introduced to finds and customs from the Bronze Age, they are looking for the answer to the question why people have been interested in the starry sky for thousands of years. The Nebra Sky Disc – The Discovery of Heaven can be seen in the Abbey Church (Abdijkerk) of the Drents Museum.​​​​​​​
A contemporary spiritual experience 
The scenographic concept of the exhibition has a theatrical approach. The physical shapes as well as the celestial bodies on the wall prints are derived from the shapes on the sky disk itself. Also the Nebra lettering is custom made to create an entirely coherent form language. Real footage and fantastic elements merge into abstract landscapes on the theatrical backdrops and serve as illustrations of the audio-visual story layer.
“The Drents Museum has been transformed into a heavenly setting…. When you think of an archaeological exhibition, you quickly think of display cases with pots and half-decayed objects in a somewhat dusty decor.  Nothing could be further from the truth of the new exhibition of the Drents Museum: upon entering you imagine yourself under an enchanting starry sky. The walls in the dark space show an abstract vast landscape, surmounted by a blue-purple sky full of celestial bodies.”
Dutch Newspaper 'Trouw'
Client: Drents Museum (in collaboration with the Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte in Halle, Germany) — Agency: NorthernLight Amsterdam — Light Installation: Lichtpunt — Audio Guide: YellowBloom — Production: Iris Vormgeving — Photos: Drents Museum and own
Awarded with a special mention at the German Design Award 2023
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