Making the invisible visible. 
For the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim, NorthernLight designed 8 “Invisible Worlds”: „Origin", "Life", "Waves", "Thoughts", "Secret", "Earth", "Brain" and "Cosmos". An exhibition, consisting of immersive pavilions where visitors can explore things that are either too tiny or too big to see with our own eyes. And even sounds, ideas and emotions become visible. 
The pavilions are designed like literal different worlds, almost floating in space. The outer skins and monochrome colour refers to the different techniques being used to make the invisible visible. Iconic purple heat camera pictures for “waves”, fingerprints under black light for “secret”, a camouflage jungle of green leaves and happily floating orange-red liquids that make molecules literally visible. The “brain” world consists of immersive black and white optical illusions and “earth” is a shiny blue globe. In the yellow world of “language” one is greeted by a giant emoji, making emotions visible. Easy to understand info graphics enhance the experience for the visitor. In this way the exhibits become one with the interior in a unique symbiosis and visiting the exhibition becomes a magical journey.
Client: REM Mannheim — Agency: NorthernLight Amsterdam — Spatial Design: Hagen Mumm — Multimedia Interactives: YIPP — DTP: Ilse van Marrewijk — Construction: Bruns — Photos: REM/Maria Schumann and NorthernLight 
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