The graduation project „Árbol — Barra - from cocoa to chocolate" showcases the entire production chain of a fair trade product from Ecuador.
It is an interactive graphical journey through a developing country full of contrasts. Ecuador, with its high Andes, its Amazon low-lands and its tropical coastal region, is a 'banana republic', a petrol exporter and grower of the best cocoa world wide.
Following on from the innovative work of "Pacari" and international organizations, a complete chocolate production has been set up in the land of its origin. From tree to bar – de árbol a la barra: today the concept is bearing fruit.​​​​​​​
All stages of the production chain were visited on a six week research trip to Ecuador, from the cocoa finca via the cooperation to the 'Pacari' factory.
Interviews with farmers and employees as well as with the 'German Society for International Cooperation' were conducted to gain a holistic picture.
The chapters of the story focus on different topics within the chain. The viewer dives into numerous animated infographics and vibrant illustrations. At the same time, the message remains clear: it is the concept of "tree to bar" as a fair alternative to the mass market.
As a winner of Mart Stam Preis 2014, Arbol—Barra was shown in the group exhibition at Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin:
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